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ThE M.Y.S.T.E.R.O.N ReVoLuTiOn

Plans for World Domination

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Plans for World Domination
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This is the part of the webaite where you can really help the organization. Here YOU , yes YOU come up with some ideas to take over the world. Good ones will be put on the website. Remember: Make them posiible to do, and not involving raising the dead because they are quite unpredictable.
Legal mumbo jumbo: These ideas are for novelty purposes only. If you choose to carry them out (or i encourage you to) and you get caught and arrested, its not my fault. There, that should cover me.

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Plan for World Domination

build a huge pie factory (advertise to pikeys) but in the pies you need
to hide a bomb then threaten to blow everyone up!!!
yes kill the pikeys hahaha and anyone who sympathises with them e.g.
nazis,rabbits, and youth workers
(laurnece jackson)

make a sport called pikey bashing, first one to catch their pikey and beat the living shit out of the wins.
or boxing with weapons, pikey has a toothpick, non pikeys have samauri swords and they fight to the death!
(Luke Wilson - good idea)

remove burberry from the face of the planet.
If you see someone rapping feel free to shoot them.
Everyone overall will appreciate this.
Once you hae cleansed the world of evil you may once again live in freedom and
listen to awesome music. eg: Metallica, Iron Maiden and Led Zepplin.
(Reiss McSporran - not enough death, but a good start)

The motherland will rise again.